Which phone insurance t mobile?

iPhone owners will be pleased to hear that T-Mobile phone insurance includes access to Apple’s valuable AppleCare services. However, this level of coverage is only available via upgraded Protection 360 plans.

Also, is T-mobile part of Assurant? At Assurant, we are proud to offer our mobile partners and customers one of the most comprehensive suites of mobile protection services available today.

People ask , who does T-mobile use for their phone insurance? Before visiting a T-Mobile Store, please file a claim with Assurant, our Protection and Repair vendor. This will expedite your repair process and minimize your time in the store. Below are two convenient ways to file a claim.

, which of these is included in T-mobile basic device protection? T-Mobile’s Basic Device Protection Plan covers malfunctioning phones, accidental damage (including cracked screens and water damage), loss and theft. Like Protection 360, the plan covers your phone, charger, battery and SIM card; and other accessories are only covered if they’re lost or stolen with your phone.

, can I get AppleCare if I buy from T-Mobile? * Your new Apple device is eligible for AppleCare Services during the first 24 months from the date you purchase the device from T-Mobile and enroll in a plan that includes AppleCare Services, and as long as your plan coverage remains uninterrupted.


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Can I buy AppleCare if I bought my iPhone at T-Mobile?

Both T-Mobile’s Premium Device Protection (previously called Premium Handset Protection) and JUMP! with Premium Device Protection will now include AppleCare Services for eligible Un-carrier customers who recently purchased a new device.

Does Assurant give new phones?

Assurant doesn’t give new phones as a replacement, usually. It offers customers refurbished phones of similar quality. If there is no refurbished phone available, then Assurant provides a new phone of similar quality.

Is Assurant the same as Asurion?

T-Mobile (Assurant) Asurion Assurant (formerly T-Mobile used Asurion, this has changed) covers phones under the T-Mobile Premium Handset Protection plan (thanks, to those who pointed this out). Your deductible and monthly insurance cost vary by your phone plan and device.

Will T-Mobile replace my broken phone?

Protection<360>® covers the repair or replacement of your device in the event of hardware service/mechanical breakdown issues, accidental damage, and loss and theft–even after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. Additionally, get walk-in, in-store repair services for eligible devices.

What does Assurant cover?

Assurant covers damage caused by mold, fungi, and dry rot. Residents in select states can also get coverage for flood, food spoilage, and bed bugs. This is rare because most renters insurance companies make you purchase extra protection for those areas or don’t cover them at all.

Will T-Mobile take my cracked phone?

Repair or replace a damaged device No matter how careful you are, accidents happen. Screen damage and liquid damage are not covered under the warranty, so T-Mobile can’t exchange devices with this damage.

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How long does it take to get a replacement T-Mobile phone?

Once a claim is approved, your replacement device will be shipped overnight, at no charge where available, for delivery within one to two business days. If you provided your email address when filing your claim, you’ll get an email with tracking info alerting you that the device has been shipped.

Is McAfee free with T-Mobile?

T-Mobile Offers Free ID Protection After Breach Exposed Data Of 40M+ T-Mobile confirmed that hackers stole sensitive data on more than 40 million customers, and is now offering McAfee identity protection services at no charge for two years, according to a Tuesday (Aug.

How much does it cost for T-Mobile to fix a cracked screen?

$29 Screen Repair: This applies when and where service is provided through Assurant-authorized repair centers, which include T-Mobile service and repair locations when and where repair service is available; otherwise, we’ll provide a replacement device and collect the appropriate accidental damage service fee/ …

Does Asurion send new iphones?

The agreement with Asurion is a certified refurbished phone, never a new phone.

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