Which insurance holiday zone?

If you travel to a country or region against FCDO advice, this will usually invalidate your travel insurance cover, depending on the policy you have purchased, as you are intentionally putting yourself at risk by travelling somewhere considered dangerous.

Also, what countries are classed as Europe for travel insurance? Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

People ask , which travel insurance covers FCO advice? Travel insurance for travelling against FCDO advice is provided by battleface. battleface products are provided by Tangiers Insurance Services Limited, a UK insurance intermediary authorised and regulated by the FCA and Tangiers Insurance Services LLC, a US licensed insurance producer.

, does my travel insurance cover me to travel to an amber country? If you have booked travel to an amber country and the FCDO advises against travel to the destination you will be unable to take out a travel insurance policy. Furthermore if you have taken out insurance for a green destination and it’s been downgraded to amber then your insurance policy will no longer be valid.

, will FCO travel advice change soon? Circumstances can change quickly, so we are unable to tell you how our advice may change in the future. We will remove advice against ‘all but essential travel’ or ‘all travel’ as soon as the situation allows.


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What is European FCO travel advice extension?

European FCDO Travel Advice Extension Cover includes £1,000 towards extra accommodation or travel expenses if the FCDO advise travellers to return home, and cover for COVID-19 when abroad as long as you have had your recommended COVID-19 vaccinations.

Is UK included in Europe travel insurance?

Even though the UK is not part of the European Union, it is still participating in the European Health Insurance Card scheme – known as EHIC.

Will holiday insurance go up after Brexit?

Will my travel insurance still be valid after Brexit? Brexit has no impact on the validity of your travel insurance policy. That includes our Single Trip Travel Insurance and Annual Travel Insurance policies for UK residents.

Will travel insurance go up after Brexit?

The cost of travel insurance will increase post Brexit, insurance professionals have warned. A survey of 114 insurance professionals by the Chartered Insurance Institute found three-quarters (76 per cent) expect the amount consumers pay for travel insurance will increase once the UK exits the European Union.

Is Greece in the green list?

Greece has yet to make it onto the government’s green list and has been amber for a number of months now.

Does Battleface cover FCO?

Does battleface cover trips to areas where the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) has advised against travel? Yes. We provide full benefits, up to the policy limits, for all destinations including countries under the FCDO and government essential and non-essential travel advisories.

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What does FCDO cover mean?

The new FCDO cover means customers are protected both before travel or if they are in destination, and the FCDO advises ‘against all but essential travel’ as a result of Covid-19. … Customers will need to buy a new policy if their existing policy does not include the new FCDO cover and they want to benefit from it.

Does travel insurance cover cancellation due to Covid?

But there’s no other cover for Covid-19 or any related or mutated form of Covid-19, under any other section of the policy. If you bought a policy within these dates, you won’t be able to claim for costs due to cancelling or cutting short your trip due to Covid-19.

Can I get a refund if my holiday is Amber?

As a result of the traffic light restrictions, some package holiday providers will cancel any imminent bookings to red or amber destinations. … However, holidaymakers aren’t legally entitled to a refund if you choose to cancel because of a change in a country’s traffic light status.

Does the FCO advise against travel to Amber countries?

The FCDO continues to advise against non essential travel to some amber list countries such as Italy, although the advice has been lifted for Spain, Greece and several other popular holiday destinations.

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