Is the Verizon Protection Plan worth it?

Verizon insurance can be a good option if you’re prone to breaking or losing your phone, but you might not need additional benefits like tech support and identify theft protection provided by Verizon Protect or Total Mobile Protection.

How much is Verizon insurance claim?

Verizon Protect is $17.00 for Smartphones (Tier 1) /$14.00 for Smartphones (Tier 2).

Does Verizon have insurance?

With Verizon Protect (our best value), you can also get cracked-screen repair for select smartphones, subject to parts availability, and Tech Coach support for almost anything that your device connects to. …

Is having insurance on your phone worth it?

Cell phone insurance can be worth it if you’re prone to damaging or losing your phone. If cracking your screen or dropping your phone in water is a rare occurrence for you, however, cell phone insurance may be a waste of money.

How many times can you use Verizon insurance?

You can enroll in Additional Coverage up to 7 times (covering a maximum of 10 lines). Each new covered line will add another 3 available claims to your shared claims.

How does insurance work with Verizon?

Wireless Phone Protection is a device protection option that gives you: Coverage for loss, theft and damage (including water damage) As soon as next-day device replacement. Unlimited cracked-screen repair for $29/claim for select smartphones and subject to parts availability*

How much is the deductible for phone insurance?

For each claim you file, you’ll pay a deductible that could run anywhere from $29 to $225. Most insurance companies limit the number of claims you can file to two or three a year. And your insurer might send you a refurbished phone rather than a new model if a replacement phone is what you need.

How much does Verizon charge to fix a cracked screen?

If you’re enrolled in Verizon Protect or Total Mobile Protection, you may be eligible for a new screen. Start by filing a claim through Asurion’s website. With these device protection options, you get unlimited cracked screen repairs for just $29 each time you need for select eligible devices.

Who does Verizon use for insurance?

Verizon Cell Phone Insurance – File & Track a Claim | Asurion.

How does phone insurance work?

Warranties mostly cover repair or replacement of your device if it stops working due to faulty parts or manufacturer error. Insurance primarily covers your device if it is lost, stolen, or damaged due to an accident.

What is Verizon insurance called?

Cell Phone Insurance | Verizon – Asurion Claims.

Does Verizon insurance cover back glass?

Yes it will, but it will cost you a $200 deductible.

How long does it take to get a replacement phone from Verizon?

If you place your order before 8 PM Monday – Friday or before 2 PM Saturday, it will be delivered in 2 days. After 2 PM on Saturday, and before 8 PM on Monday, your orders will be delivered on Wednesday.

Is it worth buying iPhone insurance?

The bottom line when deciding whether to buy insurance for your iPhone is whether you’re more comfortable paying extra money every month so you can have additional security, or if you’d rather take the risk and save the money. Some people would rather forgo the monthly payments and put that money aside for a new phone.

Is Verizon total mobile protection worth it 2021?

The Verdict: Total Mobile Protection or Verizon Protect are great options for Verizon customers thanks to a winning combination of comprehensive coverage at a reasonable price. It’s just a matter of deciding whether you want to fork over the extra bucks for some helpful extras.

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