Is HDFC ERGO health insurance good?

HDFC ERGO Health Insurance benefits The company has IAAA rating from ICRA indicating a high claim settlement ratio. All the policies of the company are designed keeping the needs of various classes and age brackets of consumers. The company holds a track record of outstanding customer support after the sale of policy.

How is HDFC ERGO health insurance policy?

They have a customer base of over 75 lakhs and the brand has iAAA’ rating by ICRA indicating its highest claim paying ability. All time support – HDFC ERGO provides 24/7 customer care along with a complete hassle-free experience. Vast network – HDFC ERGO has a huge list of network hospitals – over 10000+ across India.

Which is the best HDFC health insurance?

HDFC Life Easy Health is a fixed benefit, mediclaim policy that provides coverage against Critical Illness, specified Surgeries and also provide Daily Hospital Cash Benefit in case of hospitalization. The cover provided by HDFC Life Easy Health cashless mediclaim policy will be available for a period of 5 years.

Can I claim HDFC ERGO health insurance?

You can go through your normal hospitalization process and complete the payment. Once you are discharged, ensure that you reach out to your insurer at the earliest and submit a claim along with all the relevant hospital documents. The approved amount will then be submitted to your bank account.

What is not covered in HDFC ERGO health insurance?

Pregnancy: Treatment for pregnancy or any other emergency arising such as emergency C-section is not covered. Alternative Therapy Charges: Costs incurred for alternative therapies like aromatherapy, acupressure, naturopathy, massage, reflexology, acupuncture and such others are not covered.

How do I check my HDFC Ergo claim status?

You can login at and check your policy claim status online for Health, Motor, Home and travel.

Who are the top 5 health insurance companies?

However, the health insurance industry is dominated by five companies. In order, the top health insurers by market share are Anthem, Centene, UnitedHealthcare, Humana and Health Care Service Corp. (HCSC), and together they control nearly 44% of the market.

Which health plan is best in HDFC Ergo?

Indemnity Health Insurance Plan Optima Restore is one of the most recommended Indemnity health insurance plans offered by HDFC ERGO.

How do I claim medical reimbursement in HDFC Ergo?

This can be done by calling the TPA on 1800-2-700-700 or 1800-200-1999. Post treatment, all hospital bills need to be settled by the policyholder, with all original bills and reports to be kept by him/her. Submit the duly filled claims form to the company for processing and reimbursement.

How can I claim my car insurance in HDFC?

Claims procedure. In the event of any claim, call HDFC ERGO’s toll free helpline no. 022 6234 6234 / 0120 6234 6234 and register your claim at the earliest.

How many illnesses does HDFC Ergo cover?

HDFC ERGO offers you three critical illness insurance plans covering a wide range of illnesses including paralysis, stroke, heart attack and other medical conditions. Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only.

Does HDFC Ergo cover dental?

Maternity Expenses – Medical Expenses for maternity including pre-natal and post-natal expenses after a waiting period of 4 years. c. Outpatient Dental Treatment – 50% of the Medical expenses for X-rays, Extractions, Amalgam / Composite Fillings, Root Canal Treatments and prescribed Drugs from 4th year onwards.

Is pregnancy covered under health insurance?

Most insurance companies do not provide maternity insurance if you are already pregnant. This is because they consider your pregnancy as a pre-existing condition and is beyond the policy cover.

Is it worth to have health insurance?

If you are young, healthy, and just starting out in life on your own, it can be cheaper to go uninsured and pay for medical expenses as they are needed. But if you have a pre-existing condition that must be chronically managed, insurance can help you keep your expenses down.

What is 1 crore health insurance?

1 Crore Health Insurance Plan with Critical Illness Cover: Critical Illness insurance covers life-threatening diseases such as a tumor, kidney failure, cancer, heart ailments, etc. The insurer pays the lump sum amount for the treatment.

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