How to switch bike insurance?

If you are not satisfied, you can cancel the current policy and look for a new insurance provider during these 7 days. Your premium amount will also be refunded in this case. When you are purchasing a new bike and want to change the insurance policy to the new bike, you can avail the provision of policy transfer.

People ask , can I change bike insurance companies anytime? You can consider changing the to a different insurer at the time of renewal. Insurance companies extend hassle free renewal process online. By simply providing the basic policy details, you can renew the policy by making an online payment without actually providing elaborate documents.

Also, can we transfer two wheeler insurance? Process To Transfer Your Two Wheeler Insurance While transferring your two wheeler insurance policy, the policy has to be transferred in the name of the transferee. The transferee needs to apply in writing within a specific time with documents relating to proof of vehicle delivery.

, can I change my motorbike insurance? In some cases, riders don’t actually need to cancel an insurance policy, it just needs to be changed and updated. For example, if you have bought a new motorbike and sold an old one, you don’t need to cancel your policy, you can just change the details on it.

, how can I insure my two wheeler online?

  1. Log on to
  2. Fill up the required details of your bike in the renewal form to proceed with your online payment.
  3. Get the premium quote and make your payment. Keep your credit/debit card or NEFT details.
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How can I correct my two wheeler insurance policy?

  1. RC (Registration Certificate)
  2. Details of the vehicle.
  3. Original insurance policy.
  4. Date of ownership transfer.
  5. Name of the dealer.
  6. Details of the premium paid for the original policy.
  7. NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the previous policyholder.

How do I change my insurance details?

The policyholder must inform the insurance company if there are any changes in the personal details provided in the policy. They can do this by submitting a letter to the insurer along with proof of the details changed. After verifying the proof, the insurance company will do the needful to carry out the changes.

What is 3rd party insurance for bike?

​Third-Party Cover is mandatory in India. It covers you against legal liability for injury or death or property damage caused to any third party, who is not in the insurance contract in an accident. However, this policy does not cover damages or loss caused to your own vehicle in an accident or theft.

Can we change insurance company?

The current insurer can be changed by looking for a new car insurance company and buying (or) renewing car insurance policy from the new insurer. All you have to do is conduct a small amount of research while selecting the new insurer and then buy a policy to avoid a bad experience.

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Can I transfer RC without insurance?

You cannot transfer RC without insurance as it’s one of the mandatory documents required while registering the vehicle with a new owner.

How do I transfer my bike from one person to another?

  1. Form 28 application filled by the owner (4 copies)
  2. Attested Registration Certificate copy.
  3. Paid road tax receipts.
  4. Copy of Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate.
  5. A valid two wheeler insurance policy.
  6. Chassis imprint of the bike.

How do I contact ACKO?

Call our helpline number 1800 266 2256 (Toll-Free) or 1860 266 2256 from any Landline & Mobile: Monday to Sunday (9 am – 8 pm). For lodging, a service request/complaint online, email us to our customer service desk at

What is the cheapest motorcycle insurance?

Geico is the cheapest provider of motorcycle insurance, offering a large menu of discounts and the option to pay in installments. Geico consistently offers some of the most affordable motorcycle insurance policies. This includes some of the states with the most motorcycle riders, including Florida and California.

What happens if I cancel my motorcycle insurance?

First, you’re likely to face fees or penalties if you cancel your motorcycle insurance in the winter months. Many insurance policies have a one-year term, and a carrier might charge you a termination fee for canceling early, reducing any prorated amount you receive as a refund for the months you were not covered.

Do you have to declare an exhaust?

Modifications to the engine or vehicle mechanics – such as the exhaust system, transmission, or air filter – must definitely be declared to your insurance provider. If you have added a turbo or supercharger to your engine, for example, it can increase the risk of accident, which will affect the cost of your premium.

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