How to download max bupa health insurance policy?

  1. Enter the policy number, statement type & Date range.
  2. Click ‘Generate Statement’ link and your receipts are available for download.

People ask , how do I check my Max Bupa policy?

  1. Visit Max Bupa health Insurance page, i.e., ‘’.
  2. Click the ‘Claim’ section that is provided on this page.
  3. Hover your mouse on the ‘Claim’ section on this page.
  4. Select ‘Claim Status’ and click ‘Know More.

Also, how do I download my bupa insurance card? You can view and print your membership card by simply clicking on ‘My services’ in the bupa Arabia app. Alternatively, you can contact our toll-free Customer Service number on 800 244 0307 and our representatives will be happy to assist you straight away.

, where do I find my policy number BUPA? This is your 8 digit number found on the front of your Bupa membership card and on your welcome email.

, is max Life and Max Bupa same? max Bupa Health Insurance Company Ltd. is a joint venture between max India Limited and the UK-based healthcare services expert, bupa. Max India’s entire stake in the joint venture is bought by Fettle Tone LLP, an affiliate of True North Fund VI LLP).


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How do I use Max Bupa Health Insurance?

FOR CASHLESS CLAIMS: Step 1: Get admitted to any one of Max Bupa network hospitals. Step 2: Use your Max Bupa Health Card or share your policy number with the concerned team at a hospital along with your Passport/PAN card/ Voter’s ID as identification proof.

How can I check my max policy status?

By SMS: To get the details or Max Life insurance policy status, one can choose the option of SMS. Forgetting the details through SMS, you have to send a query with a specific code that is relevant to the query and send the SMS to 9871010012 or 5616188.

How do I activate my Bupa insurance card?

Do I have to activate my insurance card? Your membership card is automatically activated the moment you receive it. However, if you wish to activate the SMS service, please call our toll-free Customer Service number on 800 244 0307, or text us your membership number on 055 022 2700.

Can you have a digital Bupa card?

Easily claim and get your benefit paid^ on-the-spot. We’re among the first Australian health funds to introduce tap and claim functionality which is available to any android user and available to use at any HICAPS terminal. Your Bupa digital card can be found in the most up to date myBupa App.

Is Bupa a health care card?

Once you’ve arrived in Australia, you will need your mandatory Bupa membership card to use your health cover at hospitals and clinics. If your university organised your Bupa Overseas Health Cover for you, they may provide you with instructions to collect your membership card from campus.

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How do I login Bupa?

on a web browser Go to and click Log in. Type your current Login ID and password, then click Login. Click your name in the upper right corner.

Can I claim Bupa online?

Claim online or via the Bupa app for most Extras* services with our step-by-step tool. It’s one of the quickest ways to process your claims. Better yet, you generally receive payment in your bank account within five business days. Get an estimate online before you get treatment.

Does Bupa have an app?

Download this free app from the iTunes storeĀ¹ or Google Play StoreĀ², or go to the apps store on your iOS or Android based device and search for ‘myBupa app’.

What is the right age to take health insurance?

As such there is no right age to buy health insurance, but it is beneficial to purchase at an early age. This is so because there are waiting periods for some ailments and full coverage generally kicks in after certain years have elapsed (usually 4 years).

How is Max Bupa as a mediclaim policy?

Features & Benefits: This family health plan also covers all kinds of hospital expenses without any room rent capping. Under this Max Bupa Health Insurance plan, medical charges incurred due to illness are reimbursed. … A those who buy a 2 years Max Bupa Mediclaim policy, can avail a 12.5% discount on 2nd-year premium.

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