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In August 2020 it was announced that the company would be acquired by a consortium of the South African business, Rand Merchant International, and the Finnish insurer, Sampo Group, for £1.7 billion. The transaction was completed on 16 November 2020.

People ask , who is hastings insurance underwritten by? The main underwriter for most of Hastings Direct’s car insurance policies is Inter Partner Assistance S.A.

Also, are admiral and hastings the same company? Admiral and Hastings Direct are two of the largest car insurance companies in the UK. Both come with most ‘must-have’ features, but they do not offer equal products.

, is Hastings any good? Hastings Direct scores 4.4/5 on, based on 63,742 reviews, and 67% of reviewers rated the company ‘Excellent’. However, 10% rated it as ‘Bad’. Some customers complain that premiums have risen considerably on renewal.

, is hastings Direct the same as Hastings insurance? Today, we have 3.1 million live customer policies and employ over 3,300 colleagues. hastings Direct is a trading name of Hastings Insurance Services Limited, and is part of the Hastings Group. You can read more about us on our Hastings Group website.

Is Hastings an insurance broker?

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Hastings Insurance has been providing quality insurance services and advice for more than 40 years. … We seek to provide our clients with imaginative and competitive insurance broking services to ensure peace of mind is delivered at the right price.

Who owns Hastings essential?

The parent company of Hastings Essential is the Hastings Insurance Group, which also operates Hastings Premier, Hastings Direct, Insure Pink and People’s Choice.

How much is Hastings Direct worth?

Hastings – founded in 1997 – is one of Britain’s fastest growing motor insurance businesses and the listing value could top as much as £1.5billion.

Is Sheilas Wheels part of Admiral?

Sheilas’ Wheels is a car insurance brand based in the United Kingdom that targets its insurance to women. The brand, named after the Australian slang term sheila for a woman, was launched in October 2005 by Peter Wood, and is part of Esure, the insurance group he founded with HBOS in February 2000.

Can you email Hastings Direct?

You can also email us at, just make sure to put your claim number (e.g. 300-10-XXXXXX) in the subject line.

Who is eui eui UK?

Eui Ltd is a Debt Collection Company and will chase you for payments if you have a debt with them or they are collecting a debt on behalf of another company. If you see “eui ltd – prem tr” on the bank statement it is EUI Ltd Debt Collection where the payments are being made.

Do Hastings do black box?

Introducing our telematics car insurance YouDrive is our Telematics car insurance (Black Box insurance) policy. It’s easy to set up and you’ll be able to track how you’re driving via our easy-to-use app.

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Who is the best car insurance company in UK?

  1. NFU Mutual – 91.74% Percentage of customers that would renew their policy: 93%
  2. RIAS – 88.62% Percentage of customers that would renew their policy: 65%
  3. Privilege – 88.54% Percentage of customers that would renew their policy: 70%
  4. LV – 87.31%
  5. Quote Me Happy – 86.92%

Is Hastings Premier car insurance Good?

Nearly 80,000 customers have rated Hastings Direct with 4.4 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot and 4.21 on Customer reviews on feefo are even better (4.5 out of 5 by over 15,000 customers).

Where is Hastings Direct based?

We are Hastings Direct. Founded in 1996 in Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, we’re an agile, data and digitally focused general insurance provider to the UK market, offering a full range of car, van, bike and home insurance products.

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