How bertram insurance license lookup?

Visit the Department of Insurance website for the state the agent is doing business in. Select the option to perform an agent search or license search. The exact wording will vary by state. Enter the name of the insurance agent.26 sept. 2017

How do I check the status of my Georgia insurance license?

  1. Call Us. Primary: (404) 656-2070. Toll-Free: (800) 656-2298.
  2. Visit.

How do I print my Maine insurance license?

License Printing – Maine does not currently allow individuals or business entities to print a copy of their license. We will mail a hard copy to the business mailing address within two weeks of licensure. The ability to print your own license will be a future enhancement.

How do you check if a contractor is licensed and insured in Delaware?

You can search on line to see if your contractor is licensed with our Contractor License Search. The search results will provide the Licensed Contractor and the authorized trades. For any Contractor Licensing questions, please call (302) 395-5420 or email

Is NPN same as license number?

An NPN is a licensed agent’s National Producer Number. Through the multi-state participation in the PDB, this number is linked to all applicable licenses an agent may have across the country and brings with it the benefit of a number that has no direct relationship to an agent’s license or social security number.1 jan. 2010

What do insurance agents make a year?

According to that data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics: The median annual wage for insurance agents was $48,150. The highest paid 10% of insurance agents earned more than $116,940 annually. The lowest paid 10% of insurance agents earned less than $26,120 annually.

How do I contact sircon?

Please contact support for assistance at 1-877-876-4430.

How do I find my NPN number?

You can obtain an NPN number from the National Insurance Producer Registry. The easiest way to find someone’s NPN number is to conduct an online search on the National Insurance Producer Registry’s website.

What is NPN?

The National Producer Number (NPN) is your unique identifier assigned through the National Association of Insurance Commissioner’s (NAIC’s) licensing application process. The NPN is used to track individuals and business entities on a national basis.

What is Delpros?

The new system, known as Delaware Professional Regulation Online Service (DELPROS), simplifies and automates professional licensing services in the State of Delaware. You are required to create a user account and log-in before you can complete an application, make a payment, or apply for other services.

Do I need a Delaware business license?

Yes, a State of Delaware business license is needed in addition to any professional licenses. Please visit the Division of Professional Regulations to see which professions require additional licensure.

What is a business license number in Delaware?

The Delaware state file number is the number that the state of Delaware issues to each new company at the time of formation. It is formatted with seven numbers; for example, 1234567. Each new Delaware company will be one digit higher than the company before it.

What is the difference between PNP and NPN?

As they are normally referred, PNP and NPN sensors are both supplied with positive and negative power leads, then produce a signal to indicate an “on” state. PNP sensors produce a positive output to your industrial controls input, while NPN sensors produce a negative signal during an “on” state.30 juil. 2018

What is a producer ID?

The National Producer Number is a unique NAIC identifier assigned through the licensing application process or the NAIC reporting systems to individuals and business entities. … The National Producer Number is used to track those individuals and business entities on a national basis.

How long does it take to get your NPN?

This is dependent upon the SBI and USPS mailing time, the period of time can be as little as 5 business days and as long as 2 weeks. On occasion, there may be problems with the electronic scan process. In those instances, the report may take more than 2 weeks to be received. 8.31 août 2018

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