Can phone insurance sprint?

Customers with a valid Sprint Complete plan can go online at or call Asurion Customer Care at 1-800-584-3666 to file a claim for their lost or stolen devices.

Also, how much is the damage fee at Sprint? Within the first 24 months, for the first two screen damage claims, a $29 Service Fee applies. For all other types of Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH), a $99 Service Fee applies to the first two claims within 24 months.

People ask , can I upgrade my phone if the screen is cracked Sprint? Yes you can. If you have insurance, it’ll be a $30 screen repair and a $33 dollar upgrade fee before any deposits. If you don’t have insurance, there will be a damage fee, but I don’t know those by memory, but sometimes the damage fee is as expensive as the fair market value so just go to a store and find out.

, what does the sprint complete cover? Sprint Complete coverage sprint Complete covers defects after the standard warranty expires, accidental damage and theft and loss. All screen repairs cost $29, and other repairs range between $25 and $140. Theft and loss replacement fees range from $50 to $275.

, how much does sprint insurance cost? sprint Complete is administered by third party insurer Asurion and costs between $9 and $19/month, depending on which tier you fall into (there are five). With Sprint Complete insurance, repairing a cracked screen costs $29, device repairs between $25 and $140, and total replacement between $50 and $275.When you enroll in a Sprint Flex lease, sprint still owns the device until you have paid off the phone if you choose to. With that being said, customers must return the sprint device in excellent working condition without any cracks, damage or technological issues.

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Can I still trade my phone in if its cracked?

Can you trade in an iPhone with a cracked screen? Yes, if the phone screen has physical LCD damage like chips, cracks, scratches, or dents you can sell for a good amount.

Can you trade in a phone with a replaced screen?

Repair or replace a damaged device Screen damage and liquid damage are not covered under the warranty, so T-Mobile can’t exchange devices with this damage.

How much does it cost for T-Mobile to fix a cracked screen?

$29 Screen Repair: This applies when and where service is provided through Assurant-authorized repair centers, which include T-Mobile service and repair locations when and where repair service is available; otherwise, we’ll provide a replacement device and collect the appropriate accidental damage service fee/ …

How do I file a claim with Sprint?

Phones: To file your claim or check your claim status online, go to or call Asurion Customer Care at 1-800-584-3666. Tablets: To file your claim, go to

Is Sprint complete a monthly charge?

The monthly cost of Sprint Complete is from $9 to $17, and it covers iPhones, Android phones, tablets and smartwatches. For comparison, AppleCare for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max starts at $10 a month and goes up to $15 a month if you add theft and loss protection, which is included with Sprint Complete.

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How much does Apple Care cost?

Standard AppleCare+: one-time fee of $200 or $10 per month. Including loss and theft protection: $270 or $13.50 per month.

Why is my phone not working sprint?

Check your device From time to time, Sprint will update a phone’s configuration with an update and it is possible that the phone fails to connect afterward. Sometimes a simple phone restart can resolve this. If you still have an internet connection, even if it’s slow, you can try reapplying that update.

How much is the deductible for iPhone XR?

Under this plan, the screen damage deductible is $29, while accidental coverage is $99. The standard plan for the iPhone XR is $149 or $7.99 per month. AppleCare+ for iPhone with Theft and Loss includes up to two incidents of accidental damage, theft, or loss coverage, each subject to deductibles.

Does Sprint Complete include AppleCare?

Jun 25, 2019 — Sprint Complete coverage for tiers 2-4 costs $15/month and also includes Apple Care.

Does Sprint insurance cover stolen phones?

Sprint’s next-day insurance replacement allows customers whose phone is lost, stolen, or not eligible for repair, simply file a claim to receive a replacement device the next day, in most cases. A deductible applies based on the tier of your device.

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